Wednesday, August 28, 2013


So we are walking to the store. I am on my phone. The 5 year old is talking and I have mastered this art where I hear what she is saying and respond appropriately without her realizing I am not really paying attention (bad I know but she talks sooooo much there is no way I can keep up and still live my life). Then I noticed she stopped and she has her arms out in front of her as if she holding a baseball bat, her legs in an upside down V and her hips are moving from left to right. O_O WHAT IN THE SAM HELL ARE  YOU DOING?  "It's a dance mommy, is this dance ok Mommy" In a somewhat shocked "was this my 5 year old that just shook her ass in public like it was cute" voice, Where did u learn that? "Well, Demi did it at the baseball game and all the boys looked at her and the teachers laughed at her. But I knew you would be mad, I just wanted to show you then here is another dance, Beyonce did and she moved her legs like this".. "looking so crazy in love" she sang. I took a deep breathe. I kinda just gave her a weird look and I advised "no this is not ok. Ladies don't do that" "it's not lady like mommy" she asks. "If you won't do it with your daddy, don't do it" "OK I won't do it again". I didn't watch the VMA's. I had the preshow on briefly, ended up muting the TV and eventually going to bed. The next day the internet is going crazy. Miley Cyrus. Miley from Disney. She twerked her pale ass across the stage and right onto whatever his name is, Paula Patton husband, yea him. My girls did not watch it. Glad they didn't but after watching this and thinking about my own child, who knew it was wrong but wanted me to see it so I could correct her I guess, and then thinking about other little girls who do not have the mom to ask, "is this ok" or the little girls whom mom thinks it is cute and encourages it: This is the time to correct it. I have heard many opinions, "the white girl is trying to be black" although I am still confused by what is black about her bent over shaking her cheeks. My perspective is she needs attention. Her parents are going thru a divorce and she has so much money she doesn't know what to do with her self. She is lonely in a big world. Miley's world is crazy right now and what happens when your world is crazy, you can go crazy with it. Miley has turned to the media for the attention to heal pain much like the young girls who turn to sex/men when they want attention from their dad. As a parent, I feel like this is the time to teach our daughters, these people we look at on TV are famous yes but they are no different than you and I and are human. They live, breathe and experience life just as you and I do. Her galloping across a stage in a nude color bikini with her butt hanging and tongue swinging, is a cry for help. A scream for attention. We have to teach our ladies in training that, this route isn't the way to go. This is not how you want to be seen and this is not how you present yourself, not only for the world to see but for your family to see.

This morning I read an article and I wanted to share with you guys because it really worded this issue perfectly: From Mother To Daughter. 

I hope all mom's can read and relate and understand that this is something we all can learn/teach from.

Have a great day.

B. Nicole <3