Sunday, December 8, 2013

The Man NOT to fight over....

After speaking with some friends and personal life experiences....I think I need to get a class together. A class of young ladies ages 15-30. This class will cover basics. Like how at 15 ur focus should not be a boyfriend. And I know I get it ur 15, ur in love, it will last forever but even at 27 I don't know what to do with a boyfriend so at 15 I'm almost sure u have no idea what having a boyfriend really means. Like what do u do with a boyfriend? How often does it eat?? Do u have to play with it? Ughhhh no. I'll pass. I was stupid at 15. I did stupid things at 15. Maybe how at 17 graduating high school and getting accepted into a decent college. 21 ur goal should be saving. "Stack. Pray. Stay out the way" I learned many lessons n I did learn them the hard way and now I just want to pass a few lessons onto the ladies.... This post is entitled the man not to fight over because I have witnessed girls ( won't call them ladies) fighting over the bottom of the barrel guy. The bottom of the barrel guy is the guy that is comfortable with nothing. The guy who lives with his mom n has absolutely nothing going for him self. Uneducated. Unmotivated. No 401K. No College degree. No car. No job. Just waiting on something to be handed to them. Just completely lost!! This guy isn't interested in dating... Y??? Cuz he can't afford too. But he is interested in sex. Y?? Because that's his best asset. The most he has to offer is his penis and guess what??? There are women actually fighting for this guy!!!! Wait... Wait. WHAT?!? What happened to the days where women said u know what, u meet this standard n this standard n that standard. Today it seems the only standard u have to meet is "ur penis gets hard longer than two minutes" then, it becomes I love u, ur mine. Next thing u know, ur on a social network arguing over who he loves n don't love. Ladies!!! Let's not do this. Has the quality of men changed?? Or have we as women have lowered out standards to the point where the man doesn't have to do anything. Just that desperate where we will settle for anyone??  I get it everyone has struggles. Everyone goes thru tough times. I am all for standing by ur man when he needs u and he is going thru a tough time...  But u DO NOT fight over the bottom of the barrel man. That is the Man U have to humbly leave him where he stands, if another female ever approaches u. Bow out gracefully! U deny or don't reply!! This is not up for debate. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not man bashing. I'm not against men at all. I just don't agree with the antics I have been seeing. Like come on?? U met his mom, cuz he is sexing u in her house! The Man U should be willing to fight for, is the one who is investing into you, the one who is pushing you to grow. The protector the provider. The man who makes U his wife, his priority. No man is ever worth fighting for, and the one that is, will never put u in a position where you would have too. #stepsoffsoapbox

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