Sunday, March 26, 2017

Moment of Transparency

Moment of Transparency: Depression isn't a disease that just goes away after medication. It's a constant fight. And the craziest part is ur fighting ur thoughts. Friday, I felt myself losing it. I found myself dwelling on my past mistakes.
I felt like I wanted to cry and be sad but I had no justification. I opted to take myself on a date. I saw Power Rangers. It was great but I felt something was missing. A cloud covered me.
Yesterday, I didn't want to leave my bed. I considered quitting my part time. I considered hiding under the covers. Not coming out until Monday maybe. I forced myself to go to work. When I got there, my coworkers individually and unknowingly made me appreciate being there. I didn't realize I was up for my annual review. My boss raved about my performance. Encouraged me to consider a leadership position. My best friend texted me "ur aunt is looking for you" I remember thinking like Lord what I do now. I left work. Anxious to get home. Then I remembered I promised a friend to support her event. I can't not keep my word. My phone rings. My grandmother says "it's ur grandfathers birthday, come to dinner" in my mind I'm thinking about how I just wanna be alone in my bed away from humans. I agreed I will be in attendance. I made a stop. Then I went to my friend's event. It was amazing to see so many women supporting each other. Encouraging each other.  I watched in amazement and appreciation for being there. Didn't stay long, Grand dad's dinner. I went and ate and laughed and talked and .... I felt like I was home for the first time in a long time. FaceTimed my sister; we sang happy birthday ate cake. Laughed with my cousins. Before I even realized it, we had moved to the front porch, more talking with family, while the kids played. I observed and just took it all in. In those moments, I didn't realize had I made the decision to let my depression keep me in the house, I would have missed what appeared to be nothing but in reality was everything.
Today I woke up, I fought myself to get out the bed again, but then I reflected on what I woulda missed yesterday, and I realize, I belong. I am missed when I'm not around. I am appreciated most when I am present. I will make an effort to be present more often as selfish as it sounds, but because I want to live in more of those moments. I want to be present in those moments, I don't want to hear the stories or see the pictures.
I want to be present and accounted for. Today as work, I caught a glimpse of myself, in a peaceful state, beautifully being myself. I looked at the beautiful woman in the mirror and I was proud of myself for continuing to fight. No matter what. In spite of everything that could be wrong, I push forward..... Tonight I am thankful.... I've come so far and I have further to go. But in the end I will win.


  1. Reminder: you're loved on this end ❤️

  2. I needed this. I thank the divine for you.