Thursday, April 20, 2017

Tell Me Who You Loyal To...

By Webster's definition Loyalty is a noun, the quality of being loyal to someone or something; a strong feeling of support or allegiance. Growing up in this city, I have learned Loyalty is a verb. It requires action. It is more than a tattoo. It is deeper than physically standing next to someone. It is a commitment. It has to come from the heart genuinely. It can be taught but it requires lots and lots of patience from the teacher. It can also be naturally there. and if you do not have loyalty, simply put your character is deeply flawed.

When I write I always write about my personal lessons as a way to for others to relate and complete transparency. Today is no different. Those who know me personally know my struggles and also know how open I am; not because I want people to try to use something against me because honestly if I am honest in my mistakes and say yes I did this ...I learned and moved on so what can they really say.... but more so in a way to be 100% honest with who I am and where I am in my journey.
So today, let's discuss loyalty and this crooked ass generation...
As a human, you have to be loyal to yourself first. If you are not loyal to you, why would anyone else be loyal to you. In your friendships and personal relationships; make sure you are loyal to you first. Because if you are not, you will simply hurt yourself. Next, be loyal in your friendships. I have heard so many stories about women who have stopped talking to a "friend", a woman who she loves and a woman who knows all her secrets; but she ended the friendship because of a simple miscommunication. Friends fall out all the time. Fall down 7, get up 8. Be loyal to your commitment in your friendship. Because this same woman who has ended a friendships over one mishap; has forgiven the same stupid ninja 100 times over who makes her look stupid as a stick in these streets and shows no loyalty to her. How does this work Sis? And this brings me back to my first point: if you are loyal to yourself first; you would never be in the same position with the same man with the same opportunity to look dumb; waiting on him to change. **yells** HE AINT CHANGING FOR U SIS!! MOVE ON.
 Be loyal to yourself. Be loyal to your friendships.

Next, we have the intimate relationships. Listen. People make mistakes. We are humans. We are flawed. But it is a crystal clear line between a mistake a choice. If your woman ever puts you in the position to have the next man or men laughing at you. Who is she loyal to? and if your man, consistently puts you in the position to have, Sis "Coming to you as a woman" is he loyal to you or is he loyal to the opportunity of experiencing you? We have too many humans walking around today, where they are loyal to the idea of you... Loyal to the opportunity of experiencing you; Loyal to how wet your puss gets; Loyal to how deep your penis reaches but they are not loyal to the person that you are.  Be mindful of these connections. You will end up being drained and defeated. Broken and Abused because you are more loyal to them than you are yourself.

Finally, Family. BE LOYAL TO YOUR FAMILY. NON NEGOTIABLE. This is your bloodline. This is your legacy. This is the greatest accomplishment you will ever be apart of. You know I get it, relationships end everyday. "My baby daddy ain't shit...My baby mother a slut" But you are to dig deeper and realize, its deeper than the person you are connected to. Respect yourself enough to be loyal to the family you created. I am not saying you have to be in a relationship with the person you share a child with because you don't. But you can still be loyal to your family because you are loyal to yourself and your family is a reflection of you. If you love the woman you are with but u know you don't have a future. Communicate that. Own that. And then create a plan that works for your family. Do not allow an outsider to tell you how to run your household. Parenting is a partnership at the end of the day. Be loyal to the partnership of parenting if you cannot commit to the person. Because even when the relationship ends **yells** YOU STILL CREATED THIS FAMILY WITH THE PERSON. This is how you are loyal to your children. Now if the other person is completely toxic to you; I get it. RUN. BLOCK. DELETE. Be loyal to you first. Figure the rest out later.

Your siblings are also your family. I always had a rule, people laugh at my rule but its my rule and I follow it: I can talk all the sh!t I want about my siblings; they are mine. But I will kill anyone who harms them. I will fight anyone who disrespects them and u better not ever let me hear you mention anything negative about them. I'm defending them until my last breathe. I will not publicly bash them because they mine and you cannot change family. I won't ever put an outsider before my family. Period. You do not have to follow that rule but be loyal to your family no matter what happens because you cannot pick your family.

Trust me. I have been in a many situations where I realized I was not even being loyal to myself, my friendships, my personal relationships and even moments with my family. But one day I had to ask myself, WHO ARE YOU LOYAL TO and HOW ARE YOU DISPLAYING THIS?

I was loyal to the money. I lost that. I was loyal to a ninja that wasn't mine; he went home. I was loyal to people I barely knew; they left me when they were done using me. I was loyal to "family" that wasn't actually family. They switched up when things went bad.
But once I changed. Once I became loyal to myself, loyal to my genuine friendships (not the people who claimed to be my friends but left me; I mean the people who were really loyal to the person that I currently was and the woman I was growing to be) my family (my bloodline) I found life to be so much more peaceful and drama free. So today, ask yourself, who are you loyal to? Why? and how do you show it?

To many people are loyal to sex... that gets boring... drugs... u cannot get any higher sir/maam.. money... everybody has money...emotions... feeling change everyday B.

Tell me who/what you loyal to?

God. Self.Family. Friends. Be loyal. In that order. **Mama Dee voice**


  1. I love it :) Good job pumpkin Everybody got the tattoo but not alot of people understand what it means

  2. I love this post Brittany! so many people allow their situations to determine their loyalty and it's mostly Bc they aren't loyal to themselves or their values. Yes girl. Keep teaching us!