Thursday, December 13, 2012

Rules are made to be broken.... NOT!!!!

Have you ever had someone you were just so into you broke all your rules for?? U know the "90 day rule"... Tuh! Y r u waiting to have sex for 3 months..He likes me I like him.. its ng somewhere.. I mean it has been a whole two weeks... **side eye** What if it sucks and u find out after u develop feelings for him the sex is bad?? Then what?? Right? Or the "He has a girlfriend so no we can't be friends" rule... I mean  if he don't care about his girlfriend... Y should I? He is in the relationship I'm not... right??? TUH... Oh and the "No sex before marriage?!" TUHHHH Who comes up with this stuff.. I mean really. I cannot marry a guy until I know his sex is good. Sex is too important for that... Right?? Oh and that loyalty rule... "be loyal to those who are loyal to you"... I can be loyal to everyone... they my friend so why not... With rules comes questions... and with questions well... u must have an answer... right?... I used to feel like these rules were establish to be broken. Ever since I was younger I questioned authority... My feelings were always "I'm ggng to do what I want to do" Basically to say Eff these rules... As I grew older... I actually learned to respect rules... I have learned the many mistakes I made were because I did not follow the rules... Ya see those same rules I did not follow... the same rules I used to say were meant to be broken.. Were the same rules put into place to protect ... Protect?? Protect what?? From what?? Protect me.... from myself... At 15 I knew everything.. U couldn't tell me anything...What is there to tell me I KNOW EVERYTHING...  At 21, I was exposed to reality... Maybe I'm not as smart as I think I am... At 26... My AH HA!!!! So that's was that was there for arrived... The hardest fall teaches you the best lessons...The rules were not put in place to be broken... They are put in place to protect you from this world. This world is crazy and cold, you need to be guided...Rules are the cushion and the blanket that will keep you warm... Rules were put into place by someone who experienced life who said "let me help out those coming behind" So when u do not follow the rules, you experience the pains of life that could have been avoided... That moment when u tell ur self  "if I had just listen when .... said... " or " I shoulda paid attention when.... was telling me not to do this" Have u ever heard the saying "sometimes you gotta save you from yourself..." Do not break ur own rules.. They were put into place to protect you from harm. U can wait 3 months (or longer.. MARRIAGE) to have sex.... If he/she ain't worth marrying... Y sleep with him/her (whole new  blog post.. stay tuned) You can always have sex... But u won't always have the opportunity to learn a person... especially if you rushed into sex.. Sex changes things... You can be his friend while he has a girlfriend... but if she does not know your his friend.. there is another motive...and he is not ur friend... Do not waste your time... No sex before marriage... it is very rare today... I do not know a couple that is not sexually active however, if you become more committed to the body than the person... marriage more than likely won't become an option... Take the time to get to know who your dealing with.There is nothing wrong with waiting to have sex and if he values you, he wouldn't mind waiting with you. and finally, LOYALTY... The most valuable lesson I have ever learned... When a person says I have no loyalty to you... LET THEM GO! Nothing can be established without loyalty... and if u deserve nothing else, respect and loyalty should be top on your priority list. Regardless of what type of relationship it is or will be... Without loyalty... you will receive nothing but pain. For those who do not have rules... Take a minute to learn you. Learn your value... Appreciate your worth. Because if you stand for nothing you will surely fall for anything and in the end, you will end up hurting.. 

B. Nicole <3

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  1. As we grow, we tend to either learn that the rules we were taught or that we put in place don't fit us. We just adapt as we go. Some things that we held dear when we were teenagers mean nothing to us now. Things we said we would/wouldn't do, the way we were going to do things, our self imposed timelines, everything: they change. Rules are necessary, yes, but they are also meant to be broken when necessary and changed to fit the people we become once we learn that we are no longer the person who believed that rule to be necessary. The first rule, though, that should always be with us is to know/respect ourselves. Once that's firmly in place, the rest usually falls in line and isn't that hard to keep up with, even amid change.