Saturday, December 15, 2012

So I date myself...

I recall being told by my father.. "U have to take care of you first...than your children"... I did not understand... I always saw it as my children are me, taking care of them is like taking care of myself. Loving them is loving me because well they are me... "U spend to much time on your phone... its always in your hand" says my grandmother... I mean your almost 80 lady what do you know about my cell device. U cannot possibly understand the seriousness of this phone. I cannot miss a call... I cannot miss a text or an e-mail. I. Just. Cannot. So yes it is always in my hand... or close by... no less than 2 ft away. Yes. It. Is. My phone is my life line, I will simply die without it. "when was the last time ur turned your phone off .." OFF?! O_o turn off my phone. But then ppl won't be able to reach me. I have to be reachable at all times. "why" asked my dad. Well daddy in case anything goes wrong with anything. U know I have tasked my self with saving the world, one phone call or text message at a time... He always fussed about the phone.. Always fussed about the time I did not take out for myself. U won't believe what he did!!! Well about two weeks ago... my reliable and trusty electronic device started having problems... It began to overheat while being on the charger inturn meant it could not charge. It started on Wednesday. That Friday I took it to Apple as soon as I got off of work. Well... they looked at the device... the device my boy uses as a football (and no its not in a case.. to big to hard to text with case I always said) with all the cracks and dings... and they say well Ma'am, we cannot replace it for free you have to pay $150.00. O_O I won't pay $150 for an older model phone. The new model was just released and I can get it for $130. That makes $0.00 sense. So I take my device and go back to my daddy of course. I mean I am on his family plan (Yes, I am 26 years old and my daddy pays my cell phone ... Saves me 140 a month too) and I say Daddy I need u to upgrade my phone. He refuses! U spend to much time on thing. I'm not renewing the contract! HMPH I think. I am the only one left with unlimited everything! If u don't renew my contract my phone bill is gonna go sky high! Who is paying that? He fusses about me getting my own plan. Its time I pay my own phone bill. I cannot believe this. Y would I pay a phone bill when he can pay it for me. Daddy we must discuss this further... I negotiate and plead.. beg and plead. He agrees to upgrade my phone. The catch tho... Upgrade cannot take place until the bill is paid. Well how much is the bill. $1600.00. It will get paid and you can order ur phone he assures me. By the end of the week. A week without a phone?! WHAT WILL I DO!? I tell myself to calm down it will work out everything will be fine. The world will not end without this phone. Surprisingly, as the days come and go thru the week, I learn to navigate without my phone. Arrangements are made and everything goes ok and I do not have a phone... By mid-week its smooth sailing, although I did not have my phone, I stayed at my grandmothers, I had internet and cable so I was just fine. I was supposed to get the phone Friday. Friday comes and Dad says, wait a little while longer ... It's Friday I have to go home where I do not have internet/cable. I will not be able to communicate. What will I do??? He says, "U will manage" ... I think I have no choice... I try to charge my phone to see maybe if it had a little life. It does not even turn on this time. I am sad. It's the weekend so I drop the children off to their requested destinations. The ride home... an empty car.. no music ( I hate the radio)... Just me and my thoughts. It is calming... I arrive home. No way to  check FB to see what everyone is doing... No text messages asking if I have the kids ... No one to call and say what u doing I am bored. Cannot call my sister to see if she is still coming to my apartment. It is just me. My apartment. I start cleaning. An hour and half passes and OMG my apartment is clean. I finished my chores in an hour and half. What do I do now?? I warm up some crab legs with butter. My wine. My blanket off my bed and all the pillows. I take them into my living room and build my pillow fort. Put Season 1 Disc 1 of Scandal in the blu-ray player. I eat. drink. and enjoy the company of myself. Next thing I know 4 hours had passed and I was having a good time with myself. Weird thing is I was not worried if the kids were ok, if something was going wrong, if Ju decided to football tackle someone and hurt himself. My mind was clear. My thoughts were on me. I had a good time with myself. I actually slept in my pillow fort. Woke up with a lil back pain from sleeping on hardwoods ( =( I am getting old) but overall I woke up in a great mood. Ate a little breakfast and came into work. Called checked on my children and guess what THEY ARE STILL BREATHING AND BEING KIDS! **GASPS** I think I can live without my phone... for a little while. 

<3 B.Nicole

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  1. Although it's no fun to have it thrust upon you, unplugging for a while from everything does have its benefits. I hate that Z will say "You play puzzle with me?" and I'll say "In a minute." And he will say "Put your phone down." So, in the evenings I've instituted a no phone policy until after they go to bed. I may sneak a look on Twitter or FB while making dinner, but for the most part, the world will continue to move without me. I don't need to know about anyone's cat's birthday or any of the other mundane things people tend to type. I just don't. It is nice to sometimes just be -- that quiet, that comfort of being with yourself; there's nothing else like it. It started when I refused to take my phone out of my purse while in the car if I'm driving. Then it went to unplugging at home until they were in bed. Now, it's easier and easier for me to simply say I don't need to know. If someone needs me, they'll call in the house. Outside of that, it can wait. For a little while.