Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Thrill of the Chase....

I was listening to the Strawberry Letter on the Steve Harvey Morning Show the other morning. A young lady had written about a man whom she had developed feelings for. They had been dating for some time and he randomly up and disappeared. A few weeks later he reappeared, apologized and they continued where they had left off. A few weeks passes and he disappears again. This time, he didn't just not answer her calls. He blocked her from calling him. She knows this because she attempted to call him and the operator  msg would say something like he is currently not taking calls. She blocked her number, called and received his voice mail. Steve's advice to this young lady was, "Leave him the hell alone. He does not want you. If a man wants you he will pursue you...." This made me wonder...Caused me to reflect... When did the game change where the women became the chaser? Or has it not changed its just that women have become more aggressive? Or did she stumble across one of those men whom was just so good she could not risk another getting him... I have male friends, I listen to their stories of being pursued. On one hand, I can understand the woman's position, she see's what she wants she pursues what she wants but at what point do u step back and say wait a minute, is this worth pursuing? I remember asking a friend of mine a question one time, his reply, "I am persistent... tell me no, its a turn on..." Another question his reply, "I do what I want" Many men feel this way. If he wants u, he will pursue you. If as a woman you find that you are doing most of the interactions ie, ur the only one calling, texting, initiating contact, offering to go out... He just is not into you... Something is preventing him from pursuing or he just may not want you. Rejection is hard to deal with however, realizing that you wasted time  that you cannot get back on someone who has made it clear they are not interested hurts 10 times more than rejection. Don't waste time. Life is to short.I have learned in situations like that, just "fall back" If he notices, he maybe interested, if he doesn't move on. Ultimately, I learned, as my friend said, I do what I want. Men do what they want. If he wanted you to have a place in his life, he will give you one. If there is no place given, then that is your place. Somethings are simple and sometimes women make them complicated... Let it be what it is. I believe there is someone for everyone. In the end, it will all work out.

B.Nicole <3

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