Friday, December 7, 2012

Thief VS Liars...

"If I had to choose between a thief n a liar... I choose thief. A thief is after my salary but a liar is after my reality" I have been given this gift/curse... I have this ability to remove people from my life as if they never existed... My thought process is if I can live/function daily without the woman whom birthed me, whom shares my blood... what makes these random strangers believe, I will die tomorrow if they are not apart of my existence. Unfortunately, I have became immune to losing ppl ... even those I care for. So understand me when I say, if u walk away I will not be angry nor lose sleep. I am used to this. This is my life. Wanna b different?? Stick with me no matter what... I could see my mother tomorrow, walk past her as if she was a complete stranger... Its unfortunate. It is sad. But it is life. I lost count of how many ppl I have lost because I cared to much. There is a person right now that I miss like crazy who is now considered someone I used to know... I don't trust people... I stay to myself for this reason. I have been betrayed enough to know better than to trust strangers. The only people in this world I feel I would die without are the ones I brought here. This does not take away from the ones I have deep loyalty to.. the ones I care for more than life itself. I appreciate my support team but in the end all I have is me and them. This comes from the life I have lived thus far.. These walls are up for a reason...  I haven't met a person yet who cared enough.. invested enough... loved enough.. to want to break them. Until that day comes, they will stand.

<3 B.Nicole

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  1. It is both a blessing and a curse to be able to rid oneself of others easily. On one hand you get rid of people who are undeserving of your time, your affection, your loyalty, YOU. Yet, that other hand just might have us hold off on telling people to step so quickly. Give them a chance, even if it is just one. Sometimes it's the realization that they are about to be cut back that makes them see what they're about to lose.