Thursday, December 6, 2012

Straight to Jail...

"There was an incident... Bria was involved in an altercation" First words that left her mouth. My thoughts were, "Oh lord who she put her hands on.. told them kids don't play with her... Crazy in her blood" The call came in at 3:54p. "There was an altercation with an adult and Bria" WTF. I arrived at the school by 4:14pm, Largo felt like it was two minutes from SE that day. I knew I was headed to jail that day! Straight to jail without question! Only way I could have gotten there faster was if I teleported. Fire was pumping thru my veins as I entered the building. I'm stopped by a security guard. Ms. Brown she is ok. Calm down. Words had not even left my mouth yet. She could see it in my eyes. I took a deep breathe. "I need to know what happened" She did not know but she directed me to the after care program coordinator who briefly explained, there was a minor altercation in the bathroom. A parent said some things but it was not to Bria she should not have said. Bria got upset and started crying. If steam could leave my ears, it would have. One thing about my child, she does not cry in public. You have to do something to her directly for her to cry. I needed to know who this grown ass woman was cursing out children. You just do not do that! But the coordinator explained and assured me it was not Bria she was talking to. I felt better. Their dad had picked them up from school that day so I couldn't get her side until she came home. I go about my day. Bria comes home.She says, "oh Mommy she was talking to me and she told me that Imma need my mother cuz she gotta F*ck me up (of course she didn't curse I woulda throat chopped her)" She continued, " mommy I didn't even say anything to her, I was talking to Zhiyah" The story ended up being that the mom sent the girl into the bathroom to approach Zhiyah, Bria's new best friend sweet soft spoken little girl. Bria the bigger of the two asked her friend why was the girl in her face. Immediately the mother verbally attacks my child and proceeds to not only threaten her but tell her to get her mother. O_o Had this been me 10 years ago, I would have sat at that school with my child until we saw the little girl and her mother. I would have made Bria kick her daughter's ass as I thrashed the mother. Thank God for growth tho right? My immediate reaction was to find out who this ill mannered creature was. Who are you to make threats to my child?? and tell her get her mother... Oh... True. I was on fire inside. Torn on how to handle this. I could allow my SE side to come out and ask a complete ass. But this would not only embarrass me but my children and I sometimes have to remind myself that they are watching me to learn how to handle things. What do I do?? Well... I did what any other upset mother with common sense would do. I contacted the school. Expressed my anger, sincere disappointment and frustration. How did this happen. Why did this happen and what are you doing to ensure it does not happen again. I was pleased with the response. The mother has been banned from the school. She can no longer pick her children up from school or step foot on the property. Also, I told Bria if she ever sees that little girl in school, to write my number down and give it to her. Tell her to have her mother, "your mom said that I would need my mother, tell her my mom said she is ready when you are." Yep, I still have some growing to do but I am proud of my progress thus far.

<3 B.Nicole 

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