Saturday, November 10, 2012

Do U Love U??

Do U Love U?

Some time ago... Some months maybe I was asked the question, do u love u? Of course my response was yes I love myself. The second question was what do u love about u? List 5 things... I love.... I love.... Well, there was that but I if I could change it I would... N then there is... No I would change that too.... I was stuck. I couldn't name 5 things I loved about myself. Me. Brittany Nicole. Not the mother ... The sister... The friend ... Just Brittany. I couldn't find 5 things to love about me. Not sure when or how this happened but I needed to fix this. Apparently, while loving everyone else I forgot to love me. I can make excuses... Well there was my mom... N she umm... Lol ... N the family who never wanted anything to do with me... N well my daddy he loves me but ... Ugh. Damn the excuses I'm grown now... Y can't I list 5 reasons why I love myself?! It took me time to really process this. If I don't love me why did I expect others too?! I had friends who love me n tell me every day ... N than it hit me. I was never taught this act of loving ur self ... Who teaches this?? It is self learned ... Again trial n error thing... So I decided once a week... Set time aside for me just to show me how much I love me. Date myself for a while n just enjoy me... N I learned I'm not perfect but I'm a pretty cool kid. I am beautiful... I am intelligent ... I am an amazing mom... I have drive n determination. I have overcome so much n the short 26 years that I've been here. My experiences have given me so much wisdom. See I'm not so bad n plus God loves me despite all my faults, imperfections n disobedience. I love me some me.
The lesson I learned is no one can love u better than u outside of God of course.. N no one will know how to love u if u don't know how to love u. Take the time to love u before expecting love from outsiders.

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  1. I'm glad you've realized this, that you know how important, special, and beautiful you are. I'm glad that you are getting to know you, that knowing yourself better will benefit not only you mentally, spiritually, and emotionally, physically (weird, but true), but it will benefit your family, your friends, your work and personal relationships. Be able to expand that list past 5 and it will feel better with each new revelation.